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My daughter needs to gain weight - how can I help?

my 7 year old is 15 pounds under wiegh. we are see in growth specialest. i can not get here to eat. She has lied to me and cliamed she cleaned her plate and i find it in the trash. we put her on vitimans.; i make her drink ensure. what else can I do to make her eat. She need to gain weight bad. you can see her ribs. She will turn 8 in may and wieghts only 37 pounds.
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lkauffman writes:
Hi Judith,

I imagine this must be very scary for you! I'm also quite concerned about your daughter, and I think that it is good that you are taking this situation so seriously.

Now, you mention that your daughter tells you that she ate her food, but you later find it in the trash. What is your understanding of why she does not eat? Is she afraid to gain weight? Is she afraid of getting "fat"? Or, is there some other health issue involved? You mention that you are taking her to see a growth specialist. This sounds like a great step. I think that you should talk with the specialist about ALL of your concerns and you should insist that he/she conduct a thorough physical of your daughter.

My concern is that with so little food (energy) being taken in, her heart may be slowing to conserve energy. This condition is called bradycardia (slowed heart rate) and puts the individual at risk for a heart attack. I worked for quite some time with patients suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, and I saw a large number of girls hospitalized because of bradycardia. They were hospitalized until they gained weight allowing their heart to operate properly again. Thus, I STRONGLY encourage you to follow up with the specialist or your pediatrician to determine whether her health vitals are satisfactory. Whatever the cause of her low body weight, an aggressive campaign to increase her weight must be initiated and closely monitored by the doctor.

Steps to take: 1) Take her to her pediatrician and/or growth specialist for a thorough physical; 2) Closely follow the recommendations of her doctor. If her weight cannot be maintained outside of the home and her physical vitals are unsafe, she may have to be temporarily hospitalized.

I know that I sound like an alarmist, but I am very concerned about your daughter, and I know that you will move mountains to make certain that she gets the appropriate medical attention.

Does anyone else have any feedback?
> 60 days ago

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