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My daughter just turned 2, can read unto 200 words, need more help.

my daughter just turned 2,(started reading when she was
6 months old).

she can read upto 200 words
knows uppercase and lower case alphabets A-Z
knows phonics
numbers 1-20
can count a bit
speaks long sentences
can speak in english and telugu(indian) languages
just started with kumon book of tracing , she is doing very well.
she knows shapes and colors
knows the animals
rhymes in both languages,upto 50

i am now stuck and want to put her in school, where she can better learn,but none of the school programs are suitable for her.majority of them begin actual teaching from 3. please guide me as to how i can get her into learning more. she loves to read.i live in CARY , North Carolina.

i am stuck need more tools to help her learn better,structure is what she there any institution for the gifted and talented? i don't understand the schooling sys, as i am from india. please explain in detail.
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Mar 31, 2011
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First, let me compliment you on your active interest in your daughter's education.

I, too, have a daughter who is progressing in a very advanced way and shows an intense interest in academic learning.

First, most assessment experts will tell you that, although a toddler may show signs of profound academic giftedness, they will not test for giftedness at that age.

What I tell parents who suspect their young child (under 5) is profoundly gifted is that the best thing you can do for your child is to support her interests and follow her lead.  There is no evidence that drilling a young child in sight words or introducing a more formal learning environment has any benefit and in fact, the opposite may be the case.

I would argue that this is even more true for those who are gifted and learn not only more quickly but in an entirely different way.

If your child is particularly interested in a topic, for my daughter it was birds, look for resources that help you explore that topic in greater depth. A book of bird calls, a local bird sanctuary, a museum of natural history are all ways to encourage her passion.

What is important at this age is not what she learns but how she learns it.  By showing her how to research, ask questions, experiment, and explore, you are building a lifelong learner.  There are plenty of opportunities along the way for literacy (making an A-Z bird book, writing the names of birds) and mathematics (almost anything can be counted, multiplied, etc.) and science (seasonal changes and migrations, life cycles, etc.).

I am linking in the resource section to the second page of an article I wrote.  There are tips for parents who live in districts without gifted programs.  Most of these are for parents of older children but you may find some of the ideas apply for you as well.

The more opportunities you can provide your child at this age, the better chance she will have to explore her gifts.  This does not need to be done in a formal classroom environment, however, and it is a good lesson for her that learning takes place everywhere!

Candace Lindemann, Ed.M. - JustAsk Expert
Educational Consultant and Writer
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Karenmom writes:
This is great!!! However, your 2 year old is probably not ready to be placed in a classroom environment with other children.  I would continue to encourage her education, but work with her at home, don't limit what you teach, introduce her to as much as possible and give her exposure to as many topics as possible while continuing to reinforce her already mastered skills.  

Consider taking her on "field trips" to natural science museums, art museums, children's (hands on) museums, library, planetarium, zoo, and as many educational trips that you can find.  Consider registering her in dance or music classes.  

Continue to nurture your child's education and remember to keep learning fun and allow her time to just be a 2 year old.

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neriman writes:
It is a really very good feeling to have a gifted child,isn't it? But it is that much difficult for the parent(s) to deal with her. my 7 year old son could read before he was 2 ,he also knew all the shapes,colours,similiar to yours,but of course he was not able to raed books. What ı did was teaching him words with uppercase and lowercase,the sounds, reading all the words around us, as we went for a walk,as we visited the museum,as we watched a film,etc
I bouhgt him maps of our country,and he always asked which city this and was, I patiently answered all his questions, ı left all the housework
aside and spent time with him travelling on the maps! later on he learned the world map.ıt is their  interest, you can not stop them,what you could do is take her to different places,you will find lots to read and discover!
I am glad ı did so,it ıt was hard, but it has been worth it,he now loves reading,and can learn own his own .
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