My daughter just turned 5. Ever since she was 2 she has been yelling "no mommy" EVERY time she doesnt want to do something. How can I get her to stop?

My daughter just turned 5 and has started Kindergarten. Ever since she was two she has been yelling "no mommy" EVERY time she doesnt want to do something I say or doesn't want to eevn hear what I have to say. She says it so much without thinking that one day when her grandparents were babybsitting her she yelled it to them. They thought it was so funny (not really) considering "mommy" wasnt even there!! What can I do to make her stop saying these words? It has gone on for way too long now.
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Sep 10, 2010
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Have you discussed this with your daughter regular heath care provider at her last physical?  what does he or she say?  Is your daughter developing appropriately for her age?  Has she been reaching all milestones on time?  If not, schedule a visit with her health care provider as soon as possible.  

Does your daughter understand directions and can follow them?  Does she act appropriately in various everyday situations?  If you have the slightest suspicion that her behaviors are not appropriate or you are concerned, talk to her provider.

Best regards.
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PLsMom writes:
Anytime my 4-year-old starts to act up, I just used to put her in time outs every time. I still do at times, but lately, it hasn't been as effective as it was before. We now have a weekly chart - smiley faces are for being very helpful (ex. helping make breakfast or cleaning up her room without whining) and X's are for poor behavior (ex. whining about getting ready for bed or arguing with me). So at any time her poor behavior tries to rear its ugly head, I simply say "I'd much rather give you a smiley face than an X, but if you choose to continue to act this way, I'll have to give you an X - is that what you really want?" So far, it's worked out really well. When she ends the week with more smiley faces than X's, she gets a reward (ex. going to the park, getting a small piece of candy after dinner, etc.) And if she's been really good, she gets a bigger reward. However, the opposite is true as well. So far, the only week that she had more X's than smiley faces was the first week (because she didn't think we were serious about it - but it's much nicer to talk about X's than having to raise your voice - their behavior is their choice after all).

I'd say that your daughter's "no Mommy" response would fit in the X category. And I'd also be sure to put the board up where everyone, including her, can see it. It's great to pass by with her and say "You're doing great! You've got 5 smiley faces so far and just one X - let's keep working on getting more smiley faces and not get any more X's, Ok?" I bet your daughter would just love it!

Good luck and take care!
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