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What else can I do for my daughter to help resolve situation with another girl at school?

 Hello ,
My daughter is in 6th grade . She has been having some problems with another student for about three months now. Both girls have met with the school counselor once about their problems.
     My daughter is now being called very inappropriate names, Theother girls is also telling others lies and inappropriate things about my daughter and The older sister of this girl is in 8th is threatening to beat my daughter up!
     my daughter has been trying to ignore all this and make new friends and the other girl continues too still  causing a great deal of grief for my daughter. I feel this has been going on way to long and that my daughter is being BULLIED if something is not done to correct this situation ASAP I will have to put her in another school where she feels safe,which I don't want to do.
     Thank you for your time. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in resolving this situation. It is effecting my daughter in a very negative way mentally and I feel Physically. I just want my daughter to be able to enjoy and focus on her education. I hope to here from you soon on this matter.
My daughter is working with counselor and under a doctors care presently.
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Boys Town National Hotline
Apr 12, 2010
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Thank you for reaching out to

We are sorry to hear that your daughter is going through this difficult time.  If the bullying, threats, and inappropriate name calling is happening on school grounds, then the school should be held accountable and should do something to stop it.  

If you don't feel the school counselor is doing enough, then go to the principal.  If the principal is not helpful, then go to your school district administration such as the superintendant, and tell them about what is going on with your daughter.  There is really no excuse for your daughter to feel unsafe in school.  

There are anti-bullying programs which many school districts across the nation are now using.  These programs start in elementary school and can be adapted and used througout the middle and high school years.  You might ask your school administrator about using such a program.  

Continue to support your daughter and encourage her to keep doing her best in school.  Help her find something she enjoys such as music, sports or something else where she can feel good about herself.  You can give her our Hotline number as a resource.  We talk to kids in situations like hers every day.  You can alos give her our website for teens and 'tweens:  This is a positive and safe site for her to ask questions and express herself.  

Take care and best wishes to you and your daughter,
Boys Town National Hotline

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Loddie1 , Parent writes:
I am sorry for the bullying going on. This is a national problem and it seems to be more common that ever. One thing I would suggest is that even though you do not want to move her to a different school. This may actually be the best and easiest solution. For one thing, moving does not mean "running from the bullying" it is just another smart solution to a problem. But what you want to do is choose the next school wisely or she may run into more bullies. Interview the principal and find out what the bully policy is, ask questions, and OBSERVE!! Go to the school of choice and look around, observe the classrooms, see first hand how that school operates. Another option is private school or homeschooling. The best thing to do is see how this is affecting your daughter. If it is truly making her depressed or emotionally out of it, THEN YES MOVE HER! Unfortunately we can not depend on the schools to completely get rid of such bullies. Good Luck!
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