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thingsforkids asks:

Need help with my daughters first grade homework.

She got a worksheet called Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. It is a pattern practice. She is suppose to look at these bugs on here and find the letters out of the bugs. I can understand some of it, but some of it cant understand what letter it is suppose to be. I asked her and she said it was the first letter of what the bug was and the paper says nothing bout that. The way the paper has it wrote down is: Look at the patterns below and write the letters that describe the patterns. See the example. So please if you can help me and tell me how to do that let me know.
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> 60 days ago


Answers (1)

Daniel_Guil... , Parent writes:
If I understand correctly, we've done some similar work.  It probably doesn't matter what the letter represents.  You should be looking for patterns in the letters that repeat such as ABC, ABC, ABC or CACB, CACB, CACB.  The objective of the exercise is to recognize these patterns.  Your answers should be similar to ABC or CACB.  Hope this helps.
> 60 days ago

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