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How many days of school can you miss before they kick you out?

I live in Tampa, Florida (Hillsborough County). I'm not sure how many days but I missed a lot. Probably around 30 or so in the 1st semester. I'm scared they're going to kick me out soon for it since I'm over 16. I want to know so I can try to make up my grades and start over or start looking for other ways to get my diploma like online school or charter school.
I'm not looking for criticism, just answers please. I'd really appreciate it.
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SamiJewell13 writes:
Dear InNeed,
This is usually depicted by the state on how many days you can miss before being kicked out. Usually they send a truancy officer to your house to bring you to school before they go to the measure of kicking you out of school. It also depends on whether you have been excused for the days you missed or if they were unexcused. I would recommend you looking at the state law on education and if you are close to your number of days have your parents schedule a appointment with the principle to see what could be done to help you not miss so many days of school!
Best of luck :)
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