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My dd will be starting a Chinese immersion kindergarten.  Her birthday is 8/31, and the cut off is 9/1.  Would it be better for her to just be 5 or 6?

She has an older brother who is in the program.  He started when he was 6.  Mostly because he didn't get in when he was 5, so we tried again the following year.  She is bright, already knows some words and songs.  I've read that the earlier they start to learn a 2nd language, the better.  She has a good group of girlfriends from pre k who will also start this year.  The only problem is I really think she would benefit from another year of just being a kid.  The program is very rigorous.  Another year to mature would be good for her too.   My son had the extra year, and it was great for him.  We were planning on waiting with her since he started.  But now she has made these friends, and that is what has me torn.  Is it going to be better to have a good group of friends to start?  Or for me to be confident that she is ready?
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