kipling81 asks:

I have no digits the same. My thousands digit is less than my tens. My hundreds is twice my ones digits. If you add my digits the sum is 25. Who could

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bob , Parent writes:
It looks like your puzzle description was cut short.  Is this something you were assigned in class?  Did your teacher give you a strategy for solving it?

I used a spreadsheet, coded numbers zero through 9999 in column A, then split the number into its digits in columns B-E ising INT and MOD, then put an expression in columns F through I for your four rules, then "AND"-ed the four conditions in column J.  Then I applied an autofilter and selected only those values where column J was true.

I found two numbers that match your rules.
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Maverick , Teacher writes:
Since hundredth digit is twice the ones digit, the ones digit can't be more than 4, otherwise hundredth digit won't make sense. For example, if you have 5 for ones place, the hundredth place will have 10.  It's kind of senseless.  So ones digit is between (1,4).  It can't be zero either (think about it).

Let's start with 4 at ones place

Th  Hun  Ten   Ones
       8               4    

8+4 = 12; I need 25, so the thousandth place digit + tenth place digit = 13 AND thousandth digit < tenth digit AND I can't use 8 and 4 (no digits are the same). 6 and 7 will do the job.  

Th  Hun  Ten   Ones
6     8     7       4       (6+8+7+4 = 25)

Similarly, let's start with 3 at ones place

Th  Hun  Ten   Ones
 7     6     9       3     (7+6+9+3 = 25)

Let's try 2 at ones place

Th  Hun  Ten  Ones
      4             2        (4+2 = 6) Need 25-6 = 19 more; can't achieve it by adding two single digits numbers !!

We only have two such numbers that meet your criteria:

6874 and 7693

Cheers :)
> 60 days ago

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