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Does my 8 year old daughter have autism?

my daughter is 8 years old. i have alto of problems with here. she talks like she is a baby i mean like 3 years old.. she likes to play alone. she dose weired things. like she rather play alone then with her sister. she talks to her self. she is shy,very behind on her school the school tested her for special ed and they said she just should be held back cause she missed about 3 weeks of school this year( my other daughter has apocalypse as the thing) i don't things so. i took her to the pediatricians and she had an ear infection. they thing she is losing her hearing.what do i do? i need one direction to start from. not 4 that are nonsense. like i ma crazy .. i am still trying to find out whats going on with my 9 year old still no diagnoses. on her.. please help some one...
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Mar 31, 2010
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I can understand that you are very worried about your daughter and you are asking all the right questions. It sounds like she definitely has some developmental delays. Holding her back is not necessarily the only answer if she actually needs special services in school to help her catch up with her reading and everything else.

The first thing you need to do is take her to see a special pediatrician called a developmental pediatricatian who will help you determine whether she has autism (like you're worrying about) or another kind of delay (for example a language delay can make a child have a hard time playing with other kids because they can't talk or understand what the other kids properly, but it doesn't mean she is autistic).

Also, the school may  not have tested her enough to determine whether she needs more services than just being held back: she may need speech and language services or help learning how to play with other kids. She also may need to be held back, but first see what the developmental pediatrician says. That will help you a lot!

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