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Can anyone educate me about advantages of motorcycles as a mode of transportation?

I have a soon to be 18 year old.  He has been, so far, a responsible car driver.  He is really trying to prove his case for owning a motorcycle.  I know about the hazards , insurance, etc.  However, for my own educational purposes is there anyone who can advise me on the pros of owning a motorcycle?  We live in a suburban area.
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Aug 4, 2009

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I am a 37 year old motorcyclist and have been riding sport bikes every day, rain hail or shine for 17 years. It is my only form of transport.

There is no simple way to answer your question unfortunately, as the greatest positives cannot be measured numerically...but I will start with those.

1. Motorcycles are cheaper then cars to purchase.
2. They are slightly cheaper to run and maintain than a small car.
3. They are easy to park.
4. They are time efficient in traffic.
5. Environmentally friendlier than cars.
6. Commuting becomes an enjoyable part of your day.

That last point is what I was eluding to earlier and is more important than all the rest.

Owning and operating a motorcycle responsibly is a lifestyle choice and if your son wants to live more than a year or two at best as a full time rider, he will need adequate rider skills training and more than adequate safety apparel. He will also need to understand that routine maintenance is ongoing and something he needs to be diligent with...his life depends on a well maintained bike doing what it is designed to do as it should. Most importantly, he needs the right mindset.

If he is not passionate about riding and the joys it brings, and is not respectful of other road users, despite their inability to account for his existence on the road, he should not purchase a motorcycle.

Having said that, if all this in place the overall physical benefits of a bike over a car (which is in all honesty, arguably negligible) then the greatest advantage will be to your son's well-being and sense of identity and will have joined a brotherhood of fellow riders who will be more than willing to render assistance or advice whenever needed.

I hope this helps,


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