Education bloggers: What are five tips you would share about blogging?

"I am taking a college course which requires me to read education blogs and report on them. This week I'm supposed to get 5 blogging tips from a professional blogger. Do you have any tips that I could share with my class? I would greatly appreciate it!"

Asked by Vickie via email.
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kat_eden , Parent writes:
Hi Vickie,

I'm not sure I count as a "professional blogger" but I do blog as part of my job. There are lots of great organizations that support bloggers (BlogHer is a favorite of mine and they work with lots of education bloggers) - you could definitely get lots of great "tips" from them. Here are some from me:

1) Manage your time: To have a successful blog you have to post consistently - once a week is a bare minimum. So you'll want to make sure you have enough time to commit to your blog before you get started and then make sure you include blog time in your daily/weekly schedule.

2) Get/Stay connected to the blogging community. Bloggers are a very tight group of people. Keep reading the blogs you're reading but don't just read - comment! Get to know other bloggers. You can learn a lot from what others are doing and established bloggers are very generous about helping other bloggers they believe in.

3) Learn the rules: If you're going to benefit financially from your blog (by being paid or accepting products) there are laws to guide how you do it. Make sure you know them!

4) Choose your blog name carefully: Lots of people start blogging about one thing (parenting for example) and then realize they're writing more about something else (work life balance for example). If you choose a name that describes your original idea, it will be hard (although not impossible) to change it later. Better to go with a name that's a little more general to give your flexibility if you're still trying to find your focus.

5) Have fun! Blogging can be a great way to channel your creative energy. Make sure you do it in a way that's fun and rewarding for you. If it becomes a "chore" you'll stop doing it.

Good luck!


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DeviousDevin , Teacher writes:
Thanks for the question.  Here are my 5 tips:

1.  Blog about things you are passionate about.
2.  Write ahead, and schedule how often to post.
3.  Connect with others who share your interests (advertise).
4.  Know your audience and their wants.  
5.  Encourage reader involvement (ask for readers' advice, include surveys, etc.)

If you'd like to see how I introduce students to blogging, and the classroom blog site I recommend, see the links to my blog below.

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genermcmillan writes:
1.make the blog as advance one.
2. Add always the the people likes.
3.share it with your friends.
4.Make always attractive.
5.Share the blog with friends with other community.
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