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How can I encourage my son to behave in kindergarten?

My son Isaiah is 5 years old and stated kindergarten this past fall. Before this he was enrolled in pre-k daycare two days a week. Since he began kindergarten he has received about 15-20 notes from his teacher for his behavior. Some examples of what he's done/had problems with:  negative attitude, complaining very loud, hitting, play fighting at recess, pulled down his pants in class to show off his underwear, purposely spill yogurt in classroom, calling names etc. We have tried punishing him to his room, doing a daily sticker chart for days he does not get notes working up to a prize, taking away tv and video games, writing apology notes for his behavior, talking with him and permanently taking away all superhero shows and activities (because of their violence.) I am writing here because I am at an absolute loss as to what to do! In our 'out of school lives' everyone says how nice and polite our son is. He is a good boy but does have a very strong will. I think he is doing well academically - he can read, spell and do addition. He has always seemed very bright for his age and is extremely inquisitive. I am looking for any suggestions because I am afraid that if we don't help him to change his actions this will continue the rest of his life!
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Jan 20, 2011
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Challenging times!  I do remember from years that there was a book titled The Strong Willed Child and may help.  Also, this seems to be a situation where a better understanding of what is motivating your son to act out and what the underlying need might be.  Reward and punishment will not give you that understanding.
Also, guide him to get his needs met more constructively and express his negative emotions more constructively such as getting working with clay or getting a standing punching bag etc.  I also express what the child might be feeling so he can identify get "them out" that way.
Let me know how things go.
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emerald16 writes:
Is this happening around the same time of day? Does he need a snack. Is he being picked on or singled out for any reason? What about a sticker chart on his desk for 15 minute time frames. If he gets so many stickers he can go see another teacher, the principal or vp for 5 minutes. If he gets so many more than maybe he could take a special item home.
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