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Should I enroll my 5yr old in kindergarten without having any "real" preschooling?

My son turned 5 on May 3rd. He started going to daycare when he was 10mo old & attended the same daycare until a year ago when I lost my job. Although this daycare wasn't an actual "preschool", they did do a lot of preschool activities. He knows his ABC's & 123's & catches on to new things very quickly, however, he cannot write his own name (or anything at that).
We live in a small town & I am not a very sociable person so the past year has been "very" hard on him. He spends all day & night with me & misses his daycare friends dearly. So I know that he would love going to kindergarten but I don't know if the lack of preschooling would be a problem. Should I go ahead & enroll him in kindergarten this year or, should I send him to preschool and wait til next year for kindergarten?
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Tazgrl1101 writes:
My daughter just graduated kindergarten and she was in pre-k the year before I feel that the begining of the year in kindergarten they spent a lot of time on things they learned the previous year.  If he is a quick learner then i would definetly put him in kindergarten and just make sure to work with him over the summer to prepare him.  My daughter started kindergarten writing her abc's and ended the year solving math word problems.
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