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for the equation, complete the solution: y = 16x + 10  ....  (-7,   )

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bob , Parent writes:
y = 16x + 10
(-7, -102)

I computed this by replacing x with the -7 and then doing the arithmetic of

-7 times 16 plus 10, or
-112 plus 10, or

In the notation of two comma-separated numbers in parentheses, the two numbers refer to the input value (x) to the equation and the output value (y).  These two numbers are also called

domain and range values
abscissa and ordinate values
independent and dependent variable values
input and output
x and y

These terms are, at a certain level of fuzziness, all synonymous.

If you were to graph the line described by y = 16x + 10 it would pass through the point (-7,-102) on your graph paper, that is, for the x value of -7, the y value would be -102.  It would take a pretty big piece of graph paper to do this, or one that has a tight grid since the y value goes up by 16 for every increment of x.
> 60 days ago

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