I am trying to find good first grade social studies material for my kindergartner.

"He is so smart that he is advanced into first grade reading and first grade math. I am hoping that with advancing him in the others subjects, such as science and social studies and spelling that maybe at the end of the year. I can have him take a placement test to have him skip the first grade all together and go into second next year."

Asked by Rebecca in commenting on the worksheet, "What Month Is It? March":
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Allyn Anderson
Apr 10, 2010
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I'm delighted to hear that your child is advanced in reading and math --- two good areas in which to excel! As a social studies teacher, I love to see children reading books about people and places. Rather than using other text books, consider reading historical fiction, biographies reading about the states or places where your child has visited or places in upcoming trips, and studying geography. (It's even better when parents sit down with their young children and read together.)

Although children may excel in academics, they often develop at a normal rate socially and emotionally. As students get into high school or college, those who have skipped grades or were the youngest in their classes sometimes try too hard to keep up with their peers. Therefore, I'm not a big fan of skipping grades.

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Patrick08 writes:
There are a lot of social studies worksheets for 1st graders here:

and activities here:

I'd also put some perspective into this.  It's kindergarten, is it really that big of a deal to skip first grade.  What I'm getting at is I wouldn't want to bog a child down with extra school work at such an early grade to get them to advance quicker at the expense of some of the more important things at that age like growing socialization skills that will end up helping them more in life than knowing a state capital or two.
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Karenmom writes:

I applaud your involvement, it's wonderful that you are providing him a great educational experience and exposing him to other non-covered subjects.  This will help to prepare him for 1st grade where he will have already gained a concept and achieve a better understanding of material as it is presented.  Kudos!  However, I seriously doubt that it would be in the best interest of the child to consider "skipping" the grade itself.  

You have been provided great links to worksheets, I've also included links to advance his reading skills (which you hadn't made mention of).  It is important that in 1st grade he can read fluently (not choppy) with a great comprehension ability.

Book Adventure is a FREE site with over 7000 book titles that after your child has read the book he can take a computer generated comprehension test for points.  He can exchange these points for FREE prizes.  These tests are much like those given-starting in 1st grade for AR (Accelerated Reader) scores.  

Also, look into the Book It program provided by Pizza Hut.  There are a lot of tips, worksheets available to promote grade level reading skills.  You may even get your teacher or yourself enrolled and your child can receive a FREE personal pan pizza each month that he reaches his reading goal.

You also, didn't make mention of Geometry.  Geometry is a surprisingly covered subject, so you may want to include this too.  I've also provided links for that.

Best wishes!

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