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How can I find a tutor for my 8th grader?

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Dec 6, 2010
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There are a couple of avenues you can take when finding a tutor.  

Contact the school guidance counselor.  They often have a list of teachers within the school who tutor after hours.  Just make sure it is not your child's teacher for that subject.

Check out a national tutoring service.  Hunting Learning and Sylvan are probably the biggest.  They have small group as well as individual tutoring programs.

Both of those ways can be costly, but you will be a certified teacher who should know what they are doing.  Here are some lower coast alternatives.

Find an honor student.  There are some very smart kids out there who might be able to help.  You can call your local high school to see if they know of an honor student to tutor.  Just keep in mind that some of these kids are so smart they have trouble relating.  So be sure to interview them first.

Check with your religious organization.  Many times they know of someone who can offer their assistance to get your child on the right track.  So if your child only needs a session or two, it might be the prefect fit.

Find the local Girls and Boys Club.  They sometimes offer tutoring where they have teachers or counselors on hand to help.

No matter what route you go please keep the following in mind.

Commit to just a few weeks a first.  The tutoring usually only works when personalities align.  If they don't, get rid of that tutor and try another.  There is no reason to waste your money if it is not working out.

Listen in - at these the first few times.  You want to make sure things are going smoothly, but you also want to hear how the teacher is explain it.  This way when the tutor leaves, you can help your child.

Ask for references.  Then call them.  Ask lots of questions like:
How long did your child need this tutor?
How long did it take before you see an improvement?
How much did they charge?
Were they reliable - on time?

Don't be afraid of the tutor.  After all you are entrusting him with your child and it's your money.  

If the tutor leaves extra practice, then make sure your child does it.  

Hope I have given you some ideas of where you can go for help.  Good luck!

Barb K

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aqblickley writes:
Hi sprite,

Great question! The Expert here provided some amazing tips for finding a good tutor. When choosing a tutor, they are all great things to keep in mind. When you're deciding on a tutor, it's clearly important to check the tutor's credentials to make sure he or she measures up to your standards.

Try to also set clear goals for your child's work with the tutor - make sure the tutor knows what you'd like to accomplish, whether it's improved grades across all areas, improving test scores in math, or understanding tough science concepts.

Once the goals are defined, ask the tutor to develop a clear lesson plan. Take a look and it, and make sure it's a plan that you approve of that you think will suit your child well. If it's not, ask the tutor to tweak the plan - or consider going with a different tutor. If the tutor's teaching methods don't match up well with your child's learning methods, maybe it's not a good fit.

Below, I'm including a couple great articles that will provide some insight into choosing a great tutor, as well as an article with tips on how to get the most out of your child's tutor - to get the most out of your money, and to maximize your kid's benefits.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


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SamanthaSnj writes:
There is a great site that provides either online or at home tutoring and the first session is free ! The prices are really good and they are really helpful.
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