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I had a flu shot back in 1998 and it gave me the flu, I was sick for 4 days, how do I know this won't happen again

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Wayne Yankus
Nov 14, 2009
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You cant be sick from flu shots. It is a common misconception. The virus in the shots is killed and cannot cause disease.  However, you can be incubating a flu or other cold or illness at the time of vaccination which could be coincidental.

It is safer to consider the immunization than risk flu.  Give your doctor a call and discuss your feelings.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics


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jill-rudisill writes:
You don't know that is the risk you take. I know my grandmother used to get sick everytime she got a flu shot but she still got them because it was in her best interest. One thing about getting sick that just make's your immune system stronger against the flu. There are so many different viruses out there that a flu shot does not cover them all. One year I got the flu shot and I still got the flu that year and I was so sick I had to go to the emergency room. I told the doctor on call that I had gotten the shot and he said that the shot only cover's certain strand's of the flu but if I hadn't had the shot that I could have been alot sicker or maybe even had died so I am glad I got the shot even though I still got the flu. As far as the swine flu it is different then the regular flu and the swine shot is different also. I received my swine shot the other day. My arm hurt longer then the regular flu shot but so far so good. I wasn't thrilled about getting this shot because it is so new but my doctor insisted that I got it so I did. I don't think it will prevent you from getting the flu but that is because there are so many different strand's of the flu but it will make it easier on you if you get the flu. I asked the nurse if getting the shot would stop me from getting the swine flu and she never did give me a direct answer so I'm not sure. All I can tell you is that I went ahead and got it to help prevent me from getting it hopefully. It will be a shot that you will have to get every year like the reg. fhu shot if the swine virus stick's around every year. When my doctor get's back from vacation I am going to ask her if the shot prevent's you from getting the swine flu and I will post her answer on this web site. The swine flu was around back in the 70's and alot of people died from it. The virus was alot more spread then it is right now and it was an epidemic. They claim that if you were born before 1960 then you were allready immuned to it. I don't know if this is true but that might be why they say if you are 49 years of age or older then you will not need the shot. But I do know that there has been some in there 50's that have gotten the swine flu but not that many. It is mostly effecting small children and young adults and others that are sickly to begin with and have no immune system like me. This is why I was able to get the shot because I have asthma and it will target your lungs if they are weak. That is what the swine does is attack your respiratory system that is where it will attack 1st. I hope this has been helpful and I will try to get more info about the swine flu and shot this week when I call my doctor so keep looking on this web site and I will see what I can find out.
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