Brenda1 asks:

Please tell me what form # do I need so I can get my son's IEP re-opened.

His was closed with the option I could re-open it. New School now.

Friday this kid aggravated my son the entire day while 1 Teacher and Luchroom staff knew this was going and one did nothing. Untill my son had enough and shoved him. So now they want my son to sit with 1 Teacher in a class with 2 assignments with work he cannot do and to just sit there would drive him nuts. My son never did nothing wrong K-6th grade untill this School. Any help would be graetly appreacited. Thank-you Merry Xmas

P.S. My Son has A.D.D. and he chews on his fingers to the point he cant move them and his knuckles as well. It breaks my heart. My son is failing is School all they will offer is a peer to tuitor 2 days a week, The School  had also asked a Student (girl) my son knows who is also struggling and he knows that for sure because she told him and they are good friends. You know one day at the begining of the year my son had to tell the kids to be quite because they were being so rude to the Teacher so what does tell you. And YES we are trying and going to move as soon as we can. Thx again, look forward to any help you might have.
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Wayne Yankus
Dec 14, 2009
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Dear Brenda1:

Start by calling your son's pediatrician and asking for a fully physical exam to correctly diagnose the ADD.  Your doctor can also help with your school issues.  If he has ADD he is able to get a 504 to give him entitlements to help him learn better.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi, In addition to following the Expert recommendation from Dr. Yankus, offers these resources you might review as well...

Learning Disabilities and RTI special edition (in partnership with the National Center for Learning Disabilities):

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder info center:

Building Positive Relationships with Educators info center:

Bullying & Teasing special edition:

All the best to you in working with your child's pediatrician and school to address the issues your son is encountering.
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cathy11 writes:
What state do you live in?  Most states have laws protecting special needs or needs that must be addressed while in school.. As far as the incident with other students, you may have to contact a non-profit group that deals with problems surrounding behaviors like teasing, bullying.  The state should have statutes or laws regarding this.  You may have to become the advocate for your son to address the ignorance of the teacher and staff.  Call the school board--it pays to become that squeaky wheel.  IEP's can be requested by any parent who needs special attention or needs addressed for their child.  If you request it, they do not give it to you within a reasonable time--you may need to contact the school board.  You should also get a complete copy of your son's record before you move--request it may have to give them a few bucks for copying.  Do not let them bully you.  These are your rights and your son's right to be educated.  Sometimes you just have to push them in the direction that is right for your child--they may need this push.  In missouri, Special School district is part of the process in addressing those students who attend st.louis county schools.  Check out rights for students in the state you will be moving to you may be surprised at what you find out.
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