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Gainesville FL area schools...

Currently living in Fort Walton Beach Florida where my daughter will be attending a private school for her kindergarten year. We are moving either mid year or at the end of the year to the Gainesville area when my husband retires from the Army. I am originally from Indiana and am used to very good school systems. My husband says I'm going overboard, but I'm concerned about her schooling once we move. We want to relocate to be closer to his daughter (they are in the same grade) and she is in a Gilchrist county school. If anyone has any information regarding these schools please let me know. I have looked at, but want more from parents, or from people who know of the area and can give honest, up-to-date reviews!

She's very bright for her age and will mostly likely be in advanced courses and loves athletics so information pertaining to these would be helpful too!

(example areas I have looked into Trenton, Newberry, Bell, Alachua)

Thank You!
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