Sreya asks:

I am a good student but i always get poor marks in Literature.Why is it so?

Actually, I always rank 1st in my class but never ever have I scored good marks in Literature eversince i came up to class 9. Earlier I used to get very good marks in Literature but now it has become just the opposite. Please help.
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Sep 12, 2011
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This is a very insightful question, and one that you have had to look deep inside yourself to even know what to ask.  For that I applaud you.  

In order to answer your question more completely, can you answer a few questions?  This will give all of us a better understanding of your situation and then provide you with some ideas of what you can do.  Please be honest; we are not passing judgment.

What grade are you in now?
What kinds of literature are you reading in class?
What kinds of things do you like to read on your own (when you aren't in class)?
Is there a particular type of literature that seems to give you a more difficult time?
Is there one particular story or piece of literature you enjoy and did well on the assignments?
What kind of assignments to do you like to complete when it relates to literature?
Is it the assignment you don't like or is it the literature you don't understand?
Is there a classmate that you can read with or sit and discuss the literature with?

In the meantime, here are a few ideas that might help.

Read out to your teacher.  Discuss your concern with him/her.  Ask them for suggestions or if they have a study group before or after school.

Start a book club.  Ask some of your classmates if you can meet over a soda or coffee to discuss the chapters, theme, events, characters, etc.  Often discussion lead to seeing differing points of view and reviewing key ideas, events, and problems.

Listen to the book.  Many public libraries have these books on CD or available for download on to your mp3 (iPod) player.  After reading a section, listen to it again.  You can listen anywhere.  Sometimes hear it for a second time around can be helpful.

Google the title.  However, be careful with this one as anyone can put up anything on the Internet.  You should be able to find reviews or other discussion boards that discuss the text/book.  If you are searching a reputable site, you might get some good insight from other.

Please feel free to email me directly if you'd like.

good luck!

Barb K

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jeffreyevers writes:
Hello Sreya, there is no need to worry about the subject literature. to make this literature as an interesting subject you can read literature works done by great William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth.
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