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What grade does my child belong in and what should I do with her?

My daughter would normally be starting school this fall because she was born in Dec. 2005 so she will be 5 in the fall.  I don't think putting her in kindergarten is a good idea though because I think she would be bored beyond belief.  She can read any book given to her (currently she is reading out loud to herself about photosynthesis by herself with no problems) and she can do addition and subtraction including large numbers.  She can count up into the thousands, adds money, tells time, ect, ect.  She write sentences like "Tomorrow is Wednesday so I will go to the park and ride my bicycle." without any spelling mistakes and again by herself. She reads many books about animals and history, often randomly saying things like sharks bones are really cartilage like my nose or nomads followed animal herds around so they always had food.  She would do nothing but read if I let her.  She also makes friends easily at church and enjoys being in her rainbows club with other little kids.  She is also really tall (wearing size 6X clothing) and loves to run, run, run when outside, but inside will sit for hours reading.  She does put down the book and play when a friend comes over without prompting at least.  haha  Basically, when she is around other kids her age, I have noticed that this is not normal and I am wondering what to do.  Also, does anyone know around what grade she would be good in?  Help please! :-D
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Karenmom writes:
Tough question.  Your daughter will be 5 in December which indicates that she is too young to begin Kindergarten, but you may want to check with your attending school to see exactly what their cut off dates are, but I seriously doubt that December would be in the range, which would mean she would have to wait to begin Kindergarten when she is 5 and will turn 6 during the year (which is common).

Sounds like she has been taught well and has a well balanced lifestyle which is great, but indicates to me that she would be bored and face major setbacks if you enrolled her into preschool.

I think that you are fine exactly where you're at.  Enjoy another year with your daughter and continue to teach her new things with as much exposure to unlimited subjects as possible, also continue to reinforce her skills that she has already learned.

When she is eligible to begin Kindergarten, they will perform a Kindergarten screening test to check her abilities and knowledge and will be able to inform you if they feel that she would better perform in 1st grade with the option to skip Kindergarten.

If this doesn't seem satisfactory to you, you may wish to enroll your daughter in a private school.  They too will test her abilities and place her in an appropriate grade now.  Of course, this could be expensive.

Don't be disappointed if she will need to wait until the 2012-2013 school year to begin and if she is placed in Kindergarten.  Although, she has great knowledge of many skills, there are many other skills that she will need to acquire.  Also, don't get in too much of a hurry, they grow up quick enough and even with a great understanding of subjects, there will be maturity issues to address (may not notice so much now, but think about in the future when she is 12 and her classmates are 14 and so on.

Great job, continue to enjoy your daughter and have fun learning together.  Best Wishes!
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