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my second grade nephew is harressed everyday by his teacher.Mr.Kasitz takes his recess away from him 4 to 5 day a week.Nicos is a very active seven ye

the work given was at a seven year olds level.we were at the most given one work sheet with no more then ten questions.if we were unable to finish,if any inner action was taken, it was to work harder or a grade was given according to work finished or not.if I was not strong in a cetain subject it was disscussed at a parent confrence or worked out by help from my teacher.In my nephews case,as to the memo,Mr.Kasitz is irrate over the fact Nicos doesnt know why the dinasores are extinct.Professors world wide,are still not sure what caused the dismisse of the dinosaurs.You expect a little boy to know let alone care but wishes they were still around.As for statments like it took him forever,and sending him to a room by himself is not only mean but in front of classmates,resulting in taking away his recess,is crule.I was a job coach supervisor for the A.R.C. in San Diego and i know that if the student is having problems with class work,to encourage him not discourage him odds are he will respond in effords to learn more.Not only because Nicos is my nephew,but almost any boy knows atleast something about the jurrassic period.Names of many creatures and habits they had.This is not the only 'MEMO from his teacher not to mention other ways he humiliates my nephew.I was so angry that my nephew,Nicos father is also my nephew didnt show me this,because now i understand wht Nicos has diffuculty doing homework. Bulling from a teacher is a form of learning.And when other students see this na
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