How to help my first-grader comprehend spelling words?

"Please, I need help with helping my first grader with spelling words. Tried writing and going over every night, and still fails to comprehend."

Asked by Hilda after reading the article, "Helping First Graders with Homework":
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lravidlearner , Teacher, Parent writes:
I have frequently recommended SpellingCity to kids and parents. It has helped some kids tremendously. Its a free website where you can type in the spelling words, then select one of several games or practice tests to help your child practice.  Some of the games are printable.

Also, Tasmania (who knew?) has an excellent website with lots of different study strategies to try.  Kids have different learning styles, so what works for one child may not work the best for another.  Just experiment until you find which ways work best for your child:

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LDSolutions , Child Professional writes:
Make sure the spelling words aren't a level that is too difficult for her.  In other words, does she know all of her letters and sounds perfectly.  Does she understand the concept of blending words.  Pre reading and pre writing skills need to be strong before she can tackle actually spelling words. Maybe take a step back and quiz her first on every letter in the alphabet.  See that she can first name the letter and then give the sound.  Then have her write each letter.  During this process if you come across some letters that she does not know.  Stop there.  And teach her those before moving forward.  Learning to spell goes side by side with learning to read and learning to write.
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