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Looking for great campfire stories for kids age 3-11

One of our family's favorite activities in the summer is going camping with a group of 20+ friends and their families. This year I thought I'd add to the entertainment (which usually consists of loud rowdy kids and guitar-wielding dads) by sharing some great campfire stories. I'd like to stay away from scary campfire stories (like the one about 'hook man'), and ideally the stories would be in oral tradition -- shared in writing here, memorized and then delivered verbally. I'm trying to avoid reading from a book by lantern light -- imagining that would lead to this particular group of kids tripping over each other dangerously next to the fire to see pictures vs. sitting quietly listening to the words. I also need stories that are suitable for children who range in age from about 3 to 11.

So what's your favorite campfire story? Thanks in advance for sharing with our family and friends!
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Jul 2, 2009

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Here are some websites that have campfire stories you should check out:
One we enjoy is called Meet Tajar (adapted from Snuggly's Random Homw, second link above)....  
"Of all the animals of the forests and the lakes, there is none so curious as the Tajar. The Tajar lives in a very special place. He lives in an old tree somewhere near a camp. If you were to see the Tajar's tree, it would look like all the other trees of the forest. But if you were to see the Tajar, you would know that he is something very special.  
The Tajar looks a little something like a tiger and something like a jaguar and something like a badger, but he is different from all those animals. He would rather dance in the moonlight on a warm summer night than sleep in his tree. He might be sitting in a tree right now, listening to us talk. And if he were, he would be s quiet you couldn't hear him move.  
But if you were to look around and see the Tajar sitting high in the limbs of a nearby tree, he would certainly look most curious. You might think he looks a little like a tiger, and something like a jaguar and something like a badger. But if you were to look anyway, you wouldn't be able to remember what the Tajar looks like.  
The Tajar is a very nice fellow. He is always willing to listen to a story or help carry firewood or do anything you ask. But every now and then something strange happens. When the moon is just right and the wind blows very slightly through the trees, the Tajar can become full of folly. He will dance in the moonlight and swing through the trees by his tail, take death-defying life leaps.  
Someday you may see the Tajar sitting very high in the tallest branches of his tree having tea. If you see the Tajar once, you will certainly forget what he looks like. If you see the Tajar twice, you still not remember what he looks like or what he was doing. And if you were to see the Tajar three times, you will certainly forget everything you remembered about the Tajar except for one thing: you will surely become a friend of his. The more you forget, the more you will find that the Tajar is a most curious animal."

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JSorrentino writes:
I always like a good retelling of a Greek myth. Sisyphus has some particularly interesting lessons.

And if you're looking for some fun campfire crafts to go with the stories, check out this awesome campfire hat I made with some kiddos last weekend:


Have fun!
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lainey3 writes:
One really great story that helps children realize the importance of caring for nature is Disneys Bambi
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