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Please help! Handedness/handwriting question

I'm in a tight spot about something. My daughter is entering 1st grade shortly. She's learning to write and can do the basics.

The problem is that she's trying to write with her left hand when(I think) she is clearly right-handed. It was thought she was left handed before, but we weren't sure, so she was told to learn to write with her left. She makes many mistakes with backwards lettering and I haven't seen any progress there.

She naturally kicks and throws with her right limbs. When I have her write with her right hand, there are very few mistakes, if any. She doesn't want to do it, though, because she was taught to write with her left hand.
The problem is that her mother wants her to continue using the left hand. She is a speech pathologist and says that:

1. Handedness is not necessarily determined by kicking, throwing, etc.
2. Forcing her to do it with the right after learning with the left could possibly cause learning problems (in general, perhaps?)
3. At this point she should just focus on improving with the left.

Experts, educators, please help! What should we do?

Thank you,

Jason M.
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Aug 22, 2011
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Hi Jason,

It is obvious that you care about your daughter and only want what is best for her.  And it sounds like your wife has experience in childhood development since she is a speech pathologist.  If you have stated your observations to your daughter's mother and she still has her doubts about encouraging your daughter to switch to the right hand, then you need to listen to her side.  Ask her where she got her information from?  Also ask if you can set up a conference with your daughter's first grade teacher once the school year begins.  Request that you have the reading coach or other specialists at the school to join the meeting.

Below are two links you might find useful.  

Good luck,

Barb K
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