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Would you be happy to pay a university student to mentor your child?

Mentor My Child is a website based business that aims to create jobs or an earning platform for university students whilst further educating and guiding other young people (primary & secondary school) - The mentor will essentially be the possitive big brother or sister figure. It will first target academic tutoring at an affordable price and then develop to more physical such as the arts and sports. Parents will sign up free to view the Mentors' page - essentially where they sell themselves with a profile, introduction video, the degree they are working towards or have and their educational history; the profile will allow the parents to get to know the tutor better and it is something their children can help them pick out. The mentors will sign up for a small monthly fee and will later have the option to sign up for free - this will mean a percentage will be taken from each block of lessons purchased by the parent.
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