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what to do after hardware and networking?

Currently my Hardware and Networking course is going on, and my Hardware part will get over in 1 month, after completing hardware I am planning to skip Networking, and go for BCA. This is because i think that i wont get good job by doing Networking compare to BCA. My age is 19, so should i spend 3 years in BCA or carry on with Networking? And is BCA too hard to study because i hate studies unless it is interesting ?
plz plz give me some good suggestion,my dream is to become a professional engineer..
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CJA829 writes:
Hi bhavin1212,

Though I am unsure how exactly your school's system organizes I can say that for any field that's popular or in high demand, like IT, it's always best to make yourself as versatile as possible. Is it possible for you to do Networking and the BCA program? (To be clear, I think you are talking about a Bachelor of Computer Application.) ...I don't know if this suggestion is even practical.

This is something I found about a BCA program "This program usually comprises of six semesters that covers computer science subjects as programming languages, computer networks, digital electronics, database management systems, mathematics, statistics, algorithm design and optimization, accounting and much more." How hard it is, is I suppose up to where you study and yourself. But, in school sometimes you'll have to study classes you don't like to get to a job field that you do.

To be an engineer you will definitely need to put a lot of hard work in no matter which course program you follow. But perhaps you can try to add in a class, or perhaps a social club to off-set your main focus; for example a creative writing class may seem completely unrelated but making your brain think of a different subject and in different ways will help you be well-rounded.

BCA seems like a good program if you want to be a computer engineer, but as I said the more versatility or well-rounded you are in your studies (and work experience) the more you'll stand out to prospective employers later.

I hope my thoughts help you even a little bit.
Good luck!

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HeatherPete... writes:
You could also opt for computer science degree online that are now being offered on the internet.

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