fabfalcon asks:

Has anyone heard of semantic pragmatic disorder?  If so, what types of treatment are you aware of?

My son was diagnosed by a neuro-psychologist as a child with ADHD of the inattentive type with a learning disability in 1st grade.  He's been receiving OT & speech therapy since age 3 & had a SEIT in nursery school.  Once he entered kindergarten, he additionally received: weekly visit w/school psychologist, aide within the classroom & resource room.  He's now in 4th grade and the only changes to his IEP have been his classification (up  until the end of the school year for 3rd grade, he was classified as a child w/significant speech delay) and instead of 1 to 1 speech, it's within a group setting.  He is now classified as a child with a learning disability. I have seen tremendous improvement in my son over the years, but still feel more can be done.  His behavior outside the home is great, but fairly recently he is easily frustrated with us at home and instead of using his language to express himself, he may hit or push his brother (older) & sister (younger). He's never been on meds, however, we did a stint w/a homeopathic doctor for a year.  That was an interesting experience, but I can't say the remedy he was given helped.  I've been aware of semantic pragmatic disorder for a long time and I know the diagnosis w/in the US is not recognized.  I would love feedback from anyone who may have some information regarding this.  I intend to approach the director of Special Education w/in my district but wanted to reach out on another end. Also, anyone hear of Vaxa Attend?
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Mar 27, 2013
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk,

I find that the ASHA.org has much information on speech and language issues, and perhaps this link will be a good start: http://www.asha.org/public/speech/development/pragmatics.htm

Unfortunately, I have not heard of VAXA ATTEND, but perhaps some of our readers are more familiar.  (However, knowing it is a supplement, please seek medical /professional advice).

Thank you for writing!

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leslie78 writes:
No I have not hear of semantic pragmatic disorder, my 12 yr old little girl has something real close to what you are discribing about your son.
It is called Expressive Language Disorder, Along with Dyspraxia and Congenital anomaly of nervous system in short nos. I have had a long road trying to get her to speak. when she went in to kendergarden she had a 11 word vocabuly. our puplic school dis. told me if she could talk she would never learn to read or write. I was very upset and looked outward for help. she has been in speech seen she was 2 yrs old. she has 90 % Def untill she was 4 yr old I figured this had something to do with the delay in her speech. but I have found out sence then I was wrong keep trying and don't give up. it does get better
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