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Should I hold my child back to repeat first grade?

My child is in first grade.When we do work at home he does grate,for example he will know every spelling word before he goes to school,but when he takes the test he does poorly some of the time.He always does grate on the definition test.He is very good in math.I ask him why he cant do the same at school and he replies I feel comfy at home.He brings home pretty good grades on his papers and i don't understand ,Why the teacher is so set on holding him back.Were I see he struggles is somewhat in reading..But he can read.He hates school already.Any advice I would be thankful for!
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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're faced with this tough decision. There is a lot of research to suggest that holding your son back may not be in his best interest. Here is some more information to help you in considering this option further and discussing it with the teacher more...

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Below are some additional resources that may also be helpful. All the best to you and your son, and thanks for asking!

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