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Hold son back in first grade for difficulty reading?

Parent-teacher conference last night; he's very bright and mature for his age, does very well in spelling and math but has struggled with reading all year. She showed me he had come into first grade at reading level 2 and is now at a 4 but has been stuck there and should be at a 6 at least. He is in two independent groups that focus on reading at school. Basically, because of this, she recommends he be held back. I'm going to work harder with him to see if we can avoid this as I feel he would be hurt. One advantage is we just moved so next year he would be at a new school anyways but he turns 7 in June; kind of old for a first grader :( Does it sound for the best? I just think once he catches on to reading, he would be bored since he's excelling in the other subjects.
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> 60 days ago