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Are there any home screening tests for strep throat available?

I would like to know if there is an available home screening for strep throat and if not, why not. We have home tests for pregnancy, ovulation, occult blood in the stool, etc. I made ANOTHER trip to the doctor with my daughter for a strep screen because she has a sore throat and a little pus on her right tonsil. The screen was negative. All I needed to know was whether she had a bacterial or viral infection. It seems to me that a significant number of unnecessary visits to physicians for viral illness (involving no fever, no other symptoms but a sore throat) could be avoided with a simple at-home strep screen. Is such a thing possible???
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Wayne Yankus
Wayne Yankus writes:
Of course, it is possible but not medically sound.  Home test kits are frought with error and interpretive error.  Missing strep may well have an end result of rheumatic heart disease or similar infection.

Not many physicians would also be willing to treat with antibiotics over the telephone if a parent calls with a positive result. It is not their interpretation of the test and therefore opens them up to malpractice in the case of error.

A test is only as good as the culture done.
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