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mspurdie2010 asks:

How to register my 4yr old in Headstart in Phoenix,AZ?

Is there a list to view or resources in helping my find headstart for my four year old little girl? We reside in phoenix,az and I need to make sure I am one step ahead of getting her into school as well as my son who is going into first grade.
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> 60 days ago


Answers (1)

dgraab , Parent writes:

Here is the Head Start locator on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website to find a center near you:

We enrolled our daughter in preschool for the first time when she was four, and she enjoyed it greatly (and did well in kindergarten and first grade). We chose a play-based preschool co-op (in which parents had to participate), but there are many different types of preschools, including some that focus on academics. Here are some considerations for choosing a preschool that's right for your family:

Some preschools also offer scholarships. You can contact potential preschools in your area and ask about their financial assistance offerings, or here's a video about scholarship money for preschool:

Below are some additional informational resources you may also find helpful. Thanks for asking!

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