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My son's intestines get stuck to each other.

sir,my son is 3.5yrs old...he was was suffering from hyersperngs dieses of which the threatment was done as he had constipation problem....after the surgery he used to pass stool properly....but after six month his inetrstine gets stick and he is not able to pass stool properly,also he feels vomiting sometime and does not intake food....due to which he is not gaining weight...he presently weights 8kgs...please help me....sholud i go for surgery...
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sir as per the above question i wanted to tell u that his interstine  is sticking per our pediatric surgen he has again done the surgery and has cleaned the interstine from inside,which were getting r there any chance of happening it again...or is there any other option for it....
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Wayne Yankus
Mar 18, 2011
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Dear Jimit:

You should go back to the surgeon who did the surgery or your pediatrician. Hirshsprungs's Disease usually does not reappear; however, there is a percentage where the children need a clean out with medicine or enema's. go back to the person who did the original work.

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