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Why are kids so mean?

We moved 2 Burg Recently. I've 3 kids at Burg School. 6Th grader highly intelligent is picked on being called tree already .I will remove all 3 if this continues. My 6th grade son is quiet,nice,polite&would never even think about saying hurtful things2anyone,let alone another child. We don't have much but 1 thing my FAMILY does have??? A HEART TOWARD OTHERS
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Aug 26, 2010
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I'm sorry to hear that your son is being bullied.  First of all, has a wealth of information on the topic of bullying -  I suggest reading several of these informative articles that are filled with basic information to understand bullying as well as advice on how you can help your son.

If bullying is taking place at school, I would request a meeting with your son's teacher(s) and school's guidance counselor.   Inform them that your son is being bullied and by whom.  Try not to get emotional, just state the facts (a timeline might help). Then ask lots of questions like:
What steps will the school take to make sure your son is safe?
What will happen to the bully?
Will the bullies parents be contact?
Do you need to fill out any forms reporting this situation?
How does the school implement the district's anti-bullying policy?
What can you do to become involved in making the school a safer place?
Do the they see the bullying towards your son taking place?
If so, what do they do about it?

Keep the lines of communication open between you and your son.  It is important for him to know that you care and on his side.  Ask him if he can think of why he is being picked on.  Did he make a comment that was misunderstood?  Also ask him if he is being bullied outside of school?  are these bullies getting to him through text messages, emails, etc..

Your son is lucky to have a concerned parent.  Give him lots of hugs and kisses letting him know you are there to support him.

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Karenmom writes:
I'm sorry to hear this, but you have asked a question that we would all like an answer to.  It doesn't stop with children, these "mean" children grow up in age, but never mature.  They then have families of their own and of course do not teach their children to be different or better because they never learned how themselves.  The process goes on and on, it's a never ending cycle.  By moving will not change things, you will find bullies are in all locations.  Homeschooling may protect your children from hurt feelings now, but it does not prepare them with the social skills for the world that they will live and work in.  Teach your children how to handle bullies, to turn the other cheek.  Education is your main goal now, and they will learn to adapt and find ways of getting along with others, even those that they don't want to associate with.  Bless your good heart and don't loose faith that what comes around goes around and these "mean" people with bare the fruits from which they have sewn someday.  Best wishes!

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