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Do you have to mail your college admin stuff through your high school or can you do it yourself?

do you have to mail your personal statement and or college admin essay and letters of recommendation through your high school or could you mail them or even personally hand deliver them to your admin officer im only really asking because ive had horrible problems with my school they are extremely careless with my apps they have "misplaced" a few of my apps and it really pisses me off that my hs could be so blatantly careless with something as important as this. its just disgusting i really want to just hand deliever them but i doubt i could it would be awesome though simply because i would know they have been recieved by my personal admin officer they all recieved my transcripts just fine but luckly the schools deffered me because my asshole guidance counselor called them all and said she made a mistake i still dont trust that they made it though because i recieved personal phone calls from 2 of my admin officers saying they still didnt get my other things which makes me believe that none of the schools i applied to got any of my additional vital information i do have multiple recommendation letters that my teachers (6) wrote for me in addition to my personal statement as well as the (2)letters from when i volunteered at western psychiatric which i believe are probably the most important because i want to major in psychology anywho the schools i applied to are california university of pennsylvania, university of pittsburgh, carlow university, and la roche college
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Apr 23, 2012
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You are frustrated and angry that your school counselor did not send in documents needed for college admission. I am pleased that you are taking responsibility for your college applications. It may work differently in each school, but I believe students learn so much from the process and should be involved from the beginning.

Requesting an official transcript from your high school should be documented, including when you made the request and when the transcript was sent. Do not be hestitant to follow-up and ask questions.

You have collected letters of recommendation from various teachers and written your college essay and personal statement. (Keep copies.) Your applications should to be sent by you to the college. If you need a college application fee waiver, the counselor can provide that for you. (SAT and ACT give vouchers for each student who takes these admission tests.)

Ask the admissions officer what you can do to provide the needed information. Send it to the person directly and add a received receipt. Stay in contact with the admissions officers and let them know you are interested.

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