michelle1099 asks:

5th grade math question

hello today
if jammy is leavin home at 5:36 am and need to be at the trian staion and she get there by 6:02 and her train leave in 10 min how long did it take her to go there and left of time she had
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graham writes:
If she left home at 5:36am and arrived at 6:02am, then it took her 26 minutes to get to the train station. Adding and subtracting time is difficult, because there are 60 minutes in an hour (base 60). The easiest thing to do is get the differences to the nearest hour. In your case, you want to do:

6:02 - 5:36

but the normal subtraction rules don't make sense, so what if we did this:

60 - 36 = 24

60 being the number of minutes in one hour. so it takes 24 minutes until 6:00am, and she arrived at 6:02, which is 2 minutes passed, so adding 2 gets us to: 26 minutes. Hope this helps.
> 60 days ago

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