katuchi asks:

I'm a mbbs student who isn't able to concentrate when I study. I think alot of things which are not related to studies. How to improve concentration?

i think a...lot of things aparty from studies ,like wat i did today wat my friends said etc etc
i m not able to concentrate at all...
finally i dont remember wat i study and unable to give my best........ these things are happening since a year....... i want to get dictinction dis year but not able to work for it
how to improve my concentration power during studies at home and at class room
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hlevitan , Teacher writes:

The first step to being able to concentrate better is to make the decision to better focus your attention, which you have already done.  Congrats!  Having the will to improve your concentration is half the battle.

When you sit down to study, you should block out any extraneous thoughts and surrounding distractions.  To make your study time more effective, it is important that you study in a peaceful environment.  Do you study with the televison on?  Is it noisy?  Do you study better sitting in a comfortable chair like a bean bag?  If you are on the computer, to you find yourself wandering to distracting web searches and/or social networking sites?  It is best to set up a study environment that helps you relax and doesn't distract you from your studies.  Some people find that listening to music while studying helps them, but keep in mind that music should be a background noise to help you concentrate rather than a medium for dancing.  Chewing gum while you study is known to also help people concentrate.  

If the problem continues, you may want to be tested by a school psychologist.  Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition where people have trouble concentrating.  People with ADHD can make accommodations to improve concentration, such as taking frequent breaks and clutching a stress ball.  You may find these strategies useful.

Here are some articles that provide more information:
"Finding Your Study Stride"

Disorders of Attention

I hope these strategies and articles prove beneficial for you.

Happy Studying,

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KrissJ writes:
My simple suggestion for you when you are studying at home, read aloud.  The connection between reading the text and hearing the text will help you to focus.  You may want to try studying with a friend as well.  Keeping each other focused and on track is the easiest way to get the work done without beating yourself up.  Good luck!
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