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Do you think the media glorifies bullying?

Movies, television, music, etc. Now, more than ever, I do think there are positive messages sent through media against bullying, but some comedy seems to still glorify it.

What's your opinion of the state of the media's relationship with bullying? What message are kids most seeing from the media about bullying?
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Boys Town National Hotline
Jul 1, 2011
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The media is and always has glorified bullying in many ways.  There are so many mixed messages in our society that it is very confusing for kids to know what is what anymore.  It is just as important as ever to talk with our youth about healthy relationships, effective communication, and problem solving.  These are skills that are crucial to success in our society, yet many people take them for granted and kids end up learning how to do it all themselves, sometimes without the best role modeling or examples.  Also know that no matter what the media does, children are also influenced by their families and parents.  While they may be effected by what they see on a screen, they are also effected by what they see at home.  

In the media, these three things all contribute greatly to the embracing of bullying...

#1-Violence solves problems.  Look at the superhero movies, the police shows, and the war that our country has been involved in.  These are all ways that our society embraces violence as a way to solve problems which encourage bullying dynamics.

#2-There is a right and wrong and no grey area and it is more important to be right than to listen and engage in a discussion.  Talk radio is basically bullying on the radio and many of the political talk shows are just bullying on television.  Adults verbally insult, degrade,and force their opinions on each other and nobody ever changes their mind.  This sets kids up to believe that whatever they think is right is 100% right and they should believe it to the bitter end and if they change their mind they are weak.  This breakdown of effective communication leads to kids bullying each other.  

#3-Capitalism breeds competition.  Competition can be wonderful in many ways, but often it can lead to bullying.  People will often do ANYTHING to get power and control in a situation, which are two key elements of bullying.  And when you compete for power and control unfairly, that can easily lead to bullying.

But don't fret.  When we focus on the problems, they become bigger problems.  When working with your kids, focus on the right things they do, listen to them and problem solve with them.  If our kids can learn effective communication, problem solving, and listening skills at a young age, they can thrive as adults.  

Counselor, Dominic

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Jun 23, 2011

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I recently witnessed a commercial for the movie the Bad Teacher. In that commercial Cameron Diaz instructs two students to hold the arms of another so she can nail him with a playground ball. As a parent of children who were bullied and as someone who was bullied viciously in school, I am appalled. How can the studio make light of such a horrible act?

In Bridgewater Massachusetts two boys were caught on video holding another boy while a fourth beat him. The savageness of dodge ball has been used on virtually every victim of bullying throughout America. These things are neither funny, nor clever plot devices. These are horrifying realities for many people. The film Bad Teacher spits in the eye of every bullied person.

I would like to think that a multi-billion dollar studio such as Sony would exercise better social responsibility. To glamorize this act enforces the mentality that fosters bullies and perpetuates the violence. Shame on Sony and star Cameron Diaz.

I witnessed one very offensive scene being advertised. I refuse to see this movie on the assumption that other scenes will also portray glamorized depictions of violence or glorify demeaning behavior and bullying. I am calling for everyone who has ever been bullied or has children who are bullied to boycott this film.

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