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I need help with a Neighborhood Bully

My son has been hit and kicked ever since a little boy two years younger than he realized
that my son is special needs.  He can't go down the street without him headbutting him and then
kicking him in the side.  Just yesterday we filed a police incident report.  Please help me.  I've
tried talking to the parents but they say my son starts it.  I've watched the boy from my backyard
He calls my son an idiot, moron, retard and then when my son calls him something back he immediately head buts him, gets him on the ground and then starts kicking him.  I've talked to the
parents numerous times but the boy lies to him saying Danny called him a B or F word first.  I now
have witnesses to the last attack and can prove my point to the police.  Isn't there a federal law
that will protect my son from being physically abused because he has disabilities?
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Boys Town National Hotline
Aug 22, 2008
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I commend you for your efforts to speak with the boy's parents to attempt to resolve the issue and then filing a police report. I also support your effort to stop these attacks on your son. I cannot advise you about the legal aspects but I would suggest doing whatever you can to protect your son in the moment. If that takes changing his route to school, giving him a ride to school, anything to eliminate contact with the child who is assaulting your son. If it is not possible to completely eliminate contact between the two children then find a way that there is always adult supervision.

To change the situation completely would require that the other child make some changes in his behavior which you don't have control over. Hopefully due to the attention you have brought to this situation he will get some help for his behavior.

In summary, I would suggest you focus your efforts on protecting your son from further contact with the boy. It also may benefit your son to speak with a counselor at school or in the community about his feelings related to being assaulted. He may have some unresolved anger which he could act out in an expression of aggression or he could suppress his anger and experience possible depression or low self-worth. I hope this is a help to you. Best wishes to you and your son.

Boys Town National Hotline

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educatingev... , Teacher writes:
There may be a federal law that encompasses this type of harassment, but I don't know of a specific law.  It sounds like he is causing your son tons of physical harm.  Have you looked into any different articles on how to correct the situation?  There is some great information you can look at on this site, I have posted the link below.  It talks about how there are different ways to intervene in the situation.  It will provide you with some ideas on how to correct he situation.  I wish the best of luck to you and your son.

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