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Is this normal behavior for a 7 year old girl?

 our grandaughter is well behaved at school and gets great reports from the teacher
when she is at home with her mum a single parent and 2yr old brother a large majority of the time we have the following behavoirs
stamping feet and screaming if she doesnt get what she wants
moans when asked to do anything she doesnt want to do
is slow and uncooperative when asked to get ready for school or go anywhere she doesnt want to go
talks and interupts when mum is on the phone or talking to people or trying to watch someting on the tele and wont listen when asked to be quiet
makes up stories and lies  so you cant beleive a word she says
says she is frightened whenever anyone wants to go somewhere she doesnt want to go
wont go to bed at night unless mum stays in the bed until she is nearly asleep, says she is frightened
wants everything her brother has says it is hers takes it off him and has great difficulty sharing and lashes out at him when she thinks mums not looking
wont eat with a knife and fork and doesnt eat anything much except carbs sweets crisps etc hardley touches a balanced meal
will only wear clothes she wants to wear and is a battle to get her dressed
the list goes on and both myself and grandad have been trying to get through to my daughter that she needs constant discipline not rewarding for bad behavoir ie when shes naughty shes told she can have this bought or do that if shes good
we have now had a bad argument over this at christmas
when my husband lo
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Jan 12, 2011
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Sorry to hear about your misbehaving granddaughter.  You are very right about discipline.  Children need rules to know what is expected of them, and when the rules are broken there need to be consistent consequences.  That way, a child will know that if she does or does not do something that is expected of her a specific type of punishment will await her.

On the other hand, the behaviors that you are describing are not developmentally appropriate for  7-year-old.  Have your granddaughter's  mom discuss these temper tantrums and aggression with her regular health care provider or maybe even a pediatric therapist.

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Best regards.
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adhddad writes:
Your correct about the need for constant dicepline. Clear direct messages describing what the child is doing and that it is inappropriate. This is normal behavior for 6,7,8 year old girls, especialy when there is a younger sibling to be Jelous of. It is also Important for the parents to find time for a little one on oe time with their Daughter. Try to help her talk about loving eachother, trust, working together as a family. Have them ask her for her help in making the family a fun place and a safe place. Kids need to feel they are part of the picture.
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