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How to tell your parents you want to be a girl.

I am a 7th grader boy, who comes from a LDS family. I have always contemplated about being a girl, and it has recently sparked up in interest. I would always want to or would play as a girl in imaginary games when I was little. My family and church does not support gayness (I am not gay) and transgender surgery. We believe god created us, and who we are for reasons, including gender. I wish every night that I would wake up, as the girl I wanted to be in a new life. That's all I think about, and I want to know how to solve that. Please don't say something like,"that's stid of your church and parents." I am really thankful of my life, and whoever answers.
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Wayne Yankus
Mar 22, 2013
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Dear Virginia:

Sexuality (what you are not necessarily what you practice) develops over time.  As the saying goes "It gets better"  Hold tight to your feelings.  Find a trusted adult at school in your guidance department who is not LDS to discuss your feelings.  I am grateful that you are thankful for your life. we can all be grateful for it too. When you are eighteen, you have options that you don't have now. Beware of the internet except for some legitimate sites to which your guidance counselor can direct you or some trusted adults.  Most of what is out there for questioning young people can be misleading.

Best wishes,

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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Transgender... writes:
I a father of and a transgender. I am taking hormone replacement therapy. Another words I'm taking estrogen to become a woman. If this is what you truly want from the heart then I say go for it.
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