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What do you do when peers are acting cooler than you and judging you?

I'm in 6th grade and there are these girls that think they are better than everyone. They judge me because I like this one boy that likes me back. I think they are just jealous but they talk back and they think I'm jealous. I'm just average. But they think that school is for getting boyfriends and being rich! (They each have like 7 boys now!!) HELP ME!!
-Alone and scared.
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Aug 19, 2011
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Sometimes the people around us are not very nice. You don't need me to tell you that it's hard to relax and enjoy yourself when people are judging you and giving you a hard time. These girls may believe that what they're doing and saying is "no big deal" or that somehow you deserve it. But they're WRONG. Cruel's not cool. It's wrong and it HURTS. Maybe if someone told them to "Stop the hating" they might wake up and change their behavior. Or maybe they wouldn't stop no matter what anyone said.

you signed your letter "Alone and Scared". You're not alone. There are adults who care about you and if you let them know what's going on, they can help turn this situation around. Let your parents know what's going on. Talk to a teacher or have your parents call the school and set up a meeting with these girls and their parents. I know this may sound like a bold move, and it might be scary to think about a meeting like this. But I'm telling you if you stay silent and don't get adults (at home and at school) involved now, chances are pretty good that this situation is going to escalate. (That means things are going to get worse.) On the other hand, while it might be scary to talk to adults about this, it is the best chance for changing the situation and that would be a good thing for you, for the girls and for any of their other "victims."

Talk to your parents and ask them to help you get to the bottom of this. Harassment and bullying are simply NOT OK. And schools have a legal responsibility to make sure that all students feel safe all the time. Get help from the adults in your life... please.
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room54 writes:
Be yourself and don't DO anything.  Real friends accept you for who you are.  I have taught 6th grade for over 10 years and it makes me sad to see kids lose their academic focus over 'who likes who'.  Stay focused on your school work and hang out with people who you feel comfortable and happy around.  Don't worry what other people think.
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