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Why do people who have all you need depressed?

my best friend has great friends,parents,and family. I have been her best friend since before she could talk. I am worried because she cuts herself. Also my other friend says she wants to kill herself i try to talk to her. it works sometimes but not always. she will still cut herself. the only thing is i couldn't live without her if she died. i do not know what to do
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Boys Town National Hotline
Feb 11, 2011
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We are sorry to hear that your friends are struggling with depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts. It can be very scary and confusing as a teenager to feel that the only way to cope is to hurt yourself.  They are fortunate to have a good friend like you!

You ask why do some people who seem to have all they need get depressed. There is more than one answer to this question because all people are different. For some people, depression is genetic and they may be more inclined to be depressed than others because of their family history. For some people, a serious crisis such as a death, divorce or abuse can trigger depression. Some people look great on the outside; they seem to "have it all" but they are struggling inside.

You don't mention your age, but the best thing you can do is to talk this over with a trusted adult who can help these girls. If you know their parents, please consider talking to them about it...or could one of your parents talk to their parents?  If this is too difficult then another adult such as a school counselor, school social worker or even a pastor could help. The parents really need to know so they can get their daughters the professional help they need.

You can also pass our website and toll-free Hotline number to your friends. Our counselors are very caring and they help teenagers through many different issues every day. We are here 24/7 online or on the phone. You can also call for more advice on how to talk to your friends and get them help.

We are glad that you reached out and we hope to hear from you and your friends in the future. Take care and best wishes to you!


Cynthia, Counselor
Boys Town National Hotline
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