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Can a person with Aspergers work in the FBI?

As a younger child I always knew I wanted to fight crime when I was older. Now I am at an age in which one must try to decide on a career too pursue. I have not yet been officially diagnosed but I do fit the traits associated with asperges. I do have a social awkwardness but could it still be possible for mw to work in the FBI? Or do thy not allow people with social draw backs to work their? I really want to know. I know quite allot on behavior and victimology and I was interested in this after watching a show called "criminal minds". (this show is my current obsession) I know this is just a show but it has really helped me narrow down what I would like to do as a job. I want to work for the FBI. I think I would be able to and I think I would be able to handle the stress perhaps not as much as talking to witnesses but I could handle it. I do have a slightly elevated IQ but I do tend rock, to tap my fingers and/or flap my hands a bit or walk on my toes occasionally. On some days I will not make eye contact if I am in an uncomfortable situation and I stutter. I can also mistake thing literally and/or be too gullible. I sometimes process thing a tad bit slower but I can focus on thing intensively to the point where I can forget to eat but I know I could do well in this job if I got a chance. But would they give me one?
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Mar 10, 2011

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Hi silverkitty,

The quick answer is yes, you can work for the FBI. It is illegal for any company to deny you a job because of a disability (and for that matter, I don't think Asperger's is considered a legal disability). Does this mean you will for sure get a job in law enforcement? That's hard to say. Just like anyone else, there's a 50/50 chance: you will either get the job or you won't. They can't deny you the job based on your Asperger's, but they decide to turn you down due to budgetary constraints, your location, your experience, etc. There are several reasons companies do not hire candidates, even enthusiastic ones. However, to me, none of your symptoms sound like they could prevent you from doing your job and doing it well.

To me, it sounds like you should pursue your dream, and the FBI would be darn lucky to have someone as dedicated as you. You have already studied the subject, you are very detail-oriented (what are FBI officers if not detail-oriented?) and sound very motivated. I would suggest talking to a career counselor at school or community center and asking what your first steps should be in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

I would also suggest seeking an official diagnosis from a professional. If, in fact, you do find you have Asperger's, your doctor can give you suggestions on how to go about reaching your goal in a way that your Asperger's won't be an obstacle.

Good luck! It's great to hear from a young person who is motivated and goal-oriented.
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Karenmom writes:
Hi silverkitty,

I think this is an admirable career and I feel that you would be a tremendous asset to the FBI.  

I've included a couple of links that will give you some more information and you may be able to contact these places to talk to someone about your concerns, but I feel as though you have no drawbacks at all and I admire your commitment and dedication.

Best Wishes!

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