idocatmom asks:

I need to potty train my two and a half year old son.

My son is two and a half and I need to potty train him. I just lost my job and while I am looking for a new one i am unable to buy diapers for my son. He will wake up from all night sleeping dry and if he falls asleep right away at nap time he will wake up dry. He will start to poop in his diaper and he gets me a new one then he will Finnish popping in the new diaper. He fights me whenever I try to put him on the potty but when his dad is home (he is at school in the day) he will use the potty for him with minimal complaint on my sons part and he goes on the potty 90% of the time at grandpas house how do I get him to go for me? He will wear undies at my dads house but cries when i put them on him. I had no problem potty training my daufhter at 20 months she was potty trained. Please help I am desperate.
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> 60 days ago

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