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How do i put my attention on studying?

I am an eighteen years old boy that I really lost my way through my future, when I was kid I love to read books and Think about my future but now When think I about something, bad bad things is happening like thinking about having a girl friend and spend all of my times with her and something like that. Now if there is someone that help me out from this situation I will be so kind of him please help,
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Oct 15, 2011
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk!

You have already completed a very important step to finding your way- acknowledging that you seem lost and need  help.

May I suggest that you make an appointment with a school or vocational counselor who can help you via various surveys and interviews help find your strengths and weaknesses. A local community college often provides this service for students who are out of public school.  Or a high school guidance counselor should be able to direct you.

 Information about what you are "good at doing" vs. what you dislike or  are not interested in pursuing may be an invaluable resource. The inventories can provide information about possible fields of study or careers.

Then once you discover a possible path for your future with clear options and goals you can enrich your life beyond the social aspect to include possible advanced education and productive employment.

I wish you much success.

Louise Sattler, Psychologist

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novellanut writes:
Well plz 1   st answer my question
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