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How do you know what reading level your child is on?

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chemteacher writes:
The best place to start is with your child's teacher. In lower grades they evaluate the reading level. They also have a list of recommended books for that level along with higher levels that will help encourage their reading ability and comprehension. At the higher levels, the English/Reading teachers should have a good idea of what level your child is at in terms of ability and comprehension. For the high school level, you can check with the guidance counselor.

That said, try doing a book club at home. Have your child pick a book they have not read before but is from their classroom (these are generally age and level appropriate). You can either co-read out loud (you do part, they do part) and listen for how fluently they read (younger ages are expected to make mistakes and struggle at parts). Then talk about what happened, ask about "why" characters did what they did, ask your child to speculate about what might happen if something changed. These questions all go towards reading comprehension (do they understand what they are reading, not just trying to get through the words).

The link below is sponsored by Scholastic, a leader in children's books for schools. The search can be done from the actual grade level so you get the correct books for your child.
Good luck!

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Karenmom writes:
Do you know if your child is involved in the AR program (accelerated reading) this is a program at school that tests your child's comprehension using a computer program and then it places your child on a reading level, for example 3.2 -would mean 3rd grade, 2nd month, then they assign reading books ranging from around (based on this level) 2.8 to 3.7 - it usually ranges .5 below and .5 above.  Talk with your child's teacher, I'm sure they have done an evaluation and can answer your question, also, in 3rd grade they do the End Of Grade (EOG) testing that is based on your child's reading abilities, my school tests at the beginning of the year in 3rd grade for placement and it provides an idea of study needed through the year and they would have that score available to you by request.

If you're interested in a great incentive, check out the links below.  The first is to Pizza Hut Book It program, they have a program where your child, grades K-8 get rewarded for their reading by receiving a FREE personal pan pizza each month.  If your school does not participate in this program, you may wish to ask about it OR you can sign up for it yourself under home school, if you're supporting the child's education at home with activities and study outside the classroom.  Also Book Adventure is another great site, that has over 7000 books that your child can be tested on, much like the AR tests used at school and they are awarded points which can be redeemed for FREE prizes.  Hope this is helpful & happy reading!

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