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What is the reason for gravity in earth?

yes, the question arises from an eg: that 'tornado pulls us towads it self and through us afrt certain rotations'. But the earth which revolves with 1000ds time the speed of tornado, didn't effect us. Yes the answer could be the atmosphere but, then the question arise is 'how atmosphere maintained in this kind of speed??? hm...
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Jun 10, 2011
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This question is difficult to interpret. The "pull" of a tornado is related to the low pressure inside rather than to gravity. Newton coined the term gravity for what he hypothesized was the attraction between object with mass, the earth being the most massive object in our location and hence the greater gravity. Einstein came up with a different explanation of why we are "held" to the surface, that involves inertia and doesn't require the notion of a force like gravity. In schools Newton's ideas are still taught because they are mathematically simple in comparison to Einstein's, but on the largest scales, Einstein wins out in accuracy. The atmosphere is held to the earth because of its inertia - it doesn't have the energy to escape the earth's "gravitational field" - tho some very light gases can indeed escape, like helium. Don't know if I have answered your question but I hope this helps.

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dees1 writes:
Every object in the universe possesses a gravity field. Some are stronger than Earth's others are weaker. Gravity or the gravitational force is a force which occurs due to a mass being placed in a gravitational field. All masses have its gravitational field, which means that there is a force of attraction between two masses. Since the earth is a massive body, its gravitational field is considerable and the gravity on a body placed at the surface of the earth can be detected.

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