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How can I remove my child from the testing being done in his school district (CST, STAR, etc)?

How can I remove my child from the testing being done in his school district?  I do not agree with the perception that this is an accurate assessment of a child’s abilities.  I do not feel children are truly learning.  School Districts simply comply to receive state funding.  In the mean time, children like mine are lost in the shuffle.  The curriculum being taught is paced so fast and in such a confusing manner that retention is lost.  Class sizes are too large and teachers are asked to jump through too many administrative hoops to keep up.  They have no time to TEACH, no time to review; even to do something as simple as correct class work and homework accurately to know if subject matter is being understood.  There are no tutoring programs offered.  The process is ridiculous.

I want to remove my son from this pressure and have him work on basic review material when any of this testing is being done.  Is there a form I need to complete and turn in to his school to make this possible?
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ashita21 , Student writes:
actually first u need to figure out wat tests they are administering. and true its not an accurate testing, but is very important for screening. most of these tests dont have much to do with the academics, depending on the age of the child.
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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi FresnoScully, has an information center you may want to review on this topic...

Standardized Tests

It includes this FAQ from the U.S. Department of Education:

The very first question in that FAQ has particular relevance to your situation...

1. What impact does testing have on children?

Although testing may be stressful for some students, testing is a normal and expected way of assessing what students have learned. The purpose of state assessments required under No Child Left Behind is to provide an independent insight into each child's progress, as well as each school's. This information is essential for parents, schools, districts and states in their efforts to ensure that no child--regardless of race, ethnic group, gender or family income--is trapped in a consistently low-performing school.

The FAQ also says, "No Child Left Behind requires that all children be assessed." It also says, "States must provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities or limited English proficiency," so if that applies to your situation, talk with your school about the accommodations your child needs.

To help ease some of that test anxiety, here are some resources on for you to review:

Coping with Test Anxiety

I hope all of these resources are helpful to you. Thank you for asking!

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