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Does anyone know the requirements of a special needs aid?  My son's is incompetent.

I have a handicapped child. He is hemiplegic (left side). We are having a lot of problems in school . HIs aide is incompetent, in my opinion.  Can anyone tell me the requirements of a aide. What schooling or certification is needed? Help. We also are having a problem getting help in mainstreaming.  He could mainstream if his aide would help a little. His teacher says she cannot help in the classroom because it is a disruption to her and the class. any comments?
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sandyj8 writes:
Hi, Pwnny,
Are you utilizing your public school district AND your county resources?  I'm assuming so if he has an aide and then assuming your familiar with an IEP (Individual Education Plan).  First thing (if you have and IEP) you can call a meeting at ANY time.  As the parent, you're in the drivers seat.  Also, you do not have to sign the IEP if you don't agree to on the terms.  NEVER feel pressure to do so.  You know your child the best and is that child's best advocate.  The teacher does not make the decisions...the entire team does....parents, teachers, therapists,etc....if it was decided that your child could be mainstreamed then they have to come up with a plan to make it happen.  In the important rights and notices to parents , Education Code Sections 56031, 56329, 56380 and 56506) Pupils with Disabilities.....all pupils with disabilities have the right to a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment.  No pupil can be assessed for, or placed in a special education program without signed parent agreement.  If a parent disagrees with any decision concerning a child with disabilities, that parent has the right to ask for an impartial (due process) hearing to resolve areas of disagreement.  That's how the law is written here in CA, and I'm 99% certain it's law in all states.  Looking via web I've seen it in other states.
My daughter will have her on aide starting soon, but hers is for re-directing and re-focusing her attention because her attention span is lacking.  It is specified in her IEP that this aide by TUCCI/ Scerts certified.  We asked for that specifically at her IEP and specifically said we do not want an aide who can be an 18 year old with a record, and unfortunately from what I hear, there are no specific schooling/certification required.  The Tucci/Scerts aides ARE specially trained and usually deal with autistic children.  But, like I said, my daughter is having one for re-focusing due to lack of attention span (she's in a program because of speech delay).  The class is large (20) and it wouldn't be "appropriate" for her to attend this program without an aide. I can only tell you what I have experienced and learned thru my school district/county.  My school district/county have not always been forth coming in giving out information....meaning what their "required" to do.  I have learned that "appropriate" means the minimum and you have to speak up and fight for what you want.  Remember the word appropriate, because that doesn't mean the best though.  I know I wrote a lot about school district/county responsibility and I hope you're utilizing them and probably got "wordy" in this.  But, I feel so strongly about this since I have gone through it myself.  Our experience with the school/county got so bad that I went and hired a child rights advocate.  My, did their tune(s) change afterwards.  It's amazing what can be done.
I hope I helped.
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